MIDNURA digital platform is an essential resource for midwives, women’s health nurse practitioners, and all levels of healthcare providers working in the women’s health field. This platform is a pocket guide and a social networking site that allows midwives and nurses to connect, share knowledge, midwifery practice pearls, etc.
At the same time, MIDNURA is a tool for pregnant women that will support them through their pregnancy, labour and recovery process. The checkup schedule, the results tracker helps to ensure and keep under control mothers’ and babies’ health. Such knowledge will help to support a stress-free environment during pregnancy and help to achieve better health.

The subscription-based application MIDNURA will focus on:

• Electronic health record (EHR) features;
• Easy to use interface;
• Building a community of midwives;
• Collaboration and co-design between midwives, medical staff, communities, commissioning, research and policymaking;
• Education, sharing of information and expertise and mutual learning;
• Holistic care that provides for both physical and social, and psychological needs;
• Care that is both woman-centred and addresses the needs of the baby and wider family;
• Positive birthing environments for women and midwives;
• Knowledge of physiology, biopsychosocial interactions, and their impact on the processes of labour, birth and breastfeeding;
• Using best quality evidence to inform decision-making and appropriate use of interventions.