Connecting midwives & pregnant women

Global shortages

The global shortages of health care workers are alarmingly high. Midwives and nurses top the list of scarce health care workers, representing over 50% of the existing shortages. There is a wide range of structural and institutional factors have been used to explain this trend, including shifts in the demographic profile of health workers, worsening employment conditions, global mobility coupled with localized demand for health care workers and the changing scope and nature of the professional practice.

MIDNURA platform

MIDNURA offers a digital platform with an interactive mobile interface for midwives and nurses around Canada to collaborate and share knowledge and practical experience.

At the same time, Canadian pregnant women can use this platform to connect with midwives to make an informed selection of professionals and ensure they are prepared for pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting.

Our customers

Pregnant women

Who want to stay connected with their midwives and ensure their health and baby’s health is under control.

Healthcare professionals

Midwives, nurses & other practitioners who want to improve the quality of maternity care & share their experiences.

Our mission

The mission of MIDNURA is to create a midwives community to provide comprehensive care coordination for pregnant women from a fetal heartbeat to the first few weeks with a newborn.

MIDNURA values


We strive to address all the concerns that arise during pregnancy and want women to feel heard and valued.


We ensure a stress-free and healthy environment by implementing innovative technologies while making midwifery care accessible.


We consider collaboration among women’s healthcare practitioners essential for effective care for pregnant women.