About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading platform that connects midwives, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers working in the women’s health field to provide innovative and comprehensive care for a healthy pregnancy.

Like many other countries, Canada is experiencing shortages of nurses and midwives. Midwives’ schedule is packed, which put a lot of pressure on the quality of care. As a result, pregnant women feel left out or unimportant as they do not receive enough care during their pregnancy. The lack of online pregnancy support available worsens the situation.
Mothers-to-be want more attention by staying connected with their midwife. We want to eliminate the challenges women face during pregnancy and connect midwives with those who need their services. We create a platform that builds the community of midwives and is ready to offer their help 24/7 to pregnant women giving them timely advice, educational resources, and other help.

MIDNURA wants to solve the problems causing the shortages of midwives in Canada and help midwifery care become a mainstream option for women with an uncomplicated pregnancy, providing holistic care to them and their families.

MIDNURA supports and promotes the development and growth of the midwifery community across Canada to make midwifery care easily accessible, which gives pregnant women the confidence to feel safe and confident about their pregnancy health.

What makes us special?

MIDNURA will employ many strategies to differentiate itself from the existing market. The largest of these differences will be the sincere concern for women’s well-being on every level.
MIDNURA is not only an electronic health record (EHR) for pregnant women that will support them through their pregnancy but is an online midwives community. We help to achieve a stress-free environment during pregnancy and save midwives time while helping patients via the online pregnancy support platform.